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Wednesday 22nd April 2020 – Week 5 day 1 - Dino hunt and low cost duct tape pull!

Great morning this morning, I’m really chuffed with the low cost, low prep entertainment for the small one today. Duct tape all over a plastic lid, and old lentils and porridge oats with some animals in a tray kept her going for over an hour. Top tip – just don’t care about the mess. It’s the only way to get through. Max has got quite into maths lately…we’ve saved on printing the paper with replacing some worksheets with Cheerio’s and raisins and some paint pots for division... Resources from today: Cosmic kids yoga: “Cracker the Dragon”: Read Write Inc Speed Sounds: Twinkle “Ai sounds” Worksheet: White Rose Maths: Making equal groups/sharing Positional language with ladybird/farm story:

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