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Thursday 30th April: Week 6 Day 2: Tape-pull-animal-rescue and veggie printing

Max was so into his Supertato squeal at the beginning of the week he wanted to “write” a follow up today. A good day for something self-motivated from Max today as I had a great hands-off/low-maintenance activity planned for Quinn today – tape pull/animal rescue - just a muffin tray, Sellotape and small Duplo/plastic/rubber animals/people.

We also did some “a-e sounds” worksheets, writing and drawing instructions for seed planting, duplo, vegetable printing repeating patterns, measuring and weighing toys, made use of the epic indoor bouncy castle we received for Max’s birthday years ago, and Max lost another tooth!

Resources from today:

Phase 4 activity booklet:

Repeating patterns and veggie printing (with Supertato):

Problem solving with lengths and sizes:

“Elevenses” with David Walliams:

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