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Energy Use and Reduction in Commercial Food Preparation

I have published 7 academic peer reviewed papers alongside my Engineering Doctorate thesis "Energy Use and Reduction in Commercial Food Preparation". The research has received national and international awards for contribution to building services engineering, carbon benchmarking and model development in the fight against climate change. It identifies over £6 BILLION pounds (2022 pricing) of energy savings per year a critical time for the for the hospitality sector when faced with a torrent of Brexit, labour shortage, supply chain nightmares and Covid lockdowns.

Off the back of this successful research, we started Hospitality Energy Saving and Sustainability. For more information, please contact us at

Low energy catering strategy: insights from a novel carbon-energy calculator

Energy Procedia, 123 (2017) 212–219

This paper outlines savings of 37.77 million kWh, 10.71 million kgCO2e and £2 million per year for a single restaurant chain and up to 346 million kWh (£18.3 million) if applied to the whole case study organisation. If these changes were rolled out nationally, over £1.2 billion could be saved for this sector-under-threat (£6 billion in 2022 pricing!). Click on the picture to find out more.


Image by Dan Gold
Energy Savings Calculator

Electricitiy Use in UK Commercial Kitchens

International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies (2016), 11, 66– 74


This paper published (for the first time) the energy consumption of common commercial catering equipment. We found 71% of energy use can be saved through more appropriate operator behaviour, as well as savings through improved maintenance and specification. Check out the paper by clicking the image.

Energy Benchmarking in UK Commercial Kitchens

Building Services Engineering Research and Technology
(2016), Vol. 37(2) 205–219


Over 20,000 pubs were surveyed for energy use practices and energy consumption data were analysed to new universal energy use benchmark of 0.37 kWh/£ (turnover). Download the paper via the image!

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