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The Money Pit Renovation Nightmare House

If divorce was house shaped...


Photo Tree Painting

My first and only completed house

Image by Aaron Huber

A £32,000 granite and solid oak kitchen for £3,500..?

The very best I have to offer in how to have a luxury kitchen for less than the cost of a few cabinets from Wickes. This is by far the most amount of money I have ever saved in one hit.


Random Creations

  • Bath caddy

  • Gaming/fantasy terrain

  • Activity boards

  • Insect hotels

Image by Pro Church Media

The Playroom Garage Conversion

Not a moment too soon.


Landscaping & Garden


So many tree stumps, so little time.

Coming Soon

Image by Christian Mackie

Bespoke Study

CAD drawing skill bonus


Coming Soon

  • Repairing kitchen units

  • Skirting and door frame repairs

  • Changing door furniture

  • Fitting skirting boards

  • Laying laminate flooring/beading

  • Laying carpet

  • Replacing floorboards

  • Loft boarding

  • Fitting lamp shades

  • Replacing light bulbs / strip lights

  • Changing light switch covers

  • Changing plug socket covers

  • Changing aerial socket covers

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