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Wednesday 29th April Week 6 Day 1: Supertato veggie-roll-race (and god what gets Crayola off skin!)

We enter the 6th week…! This week has been a lot easier with the kids/panic/guilt/pressure since I put the timetables and plans together in advance at the weekend. I am still working every evening though, I'm just going to bed at 1:30-2ish instead of 4am I’ve raised the white flag at work and I’m begging to be furloughed now. No one else in the team has young kids or is partner to a key worker; my mental health is absolutely buckling at this stage and this home school lark could go on a while longer...

Anyway, today we did Supertato veggie-roll-racing - it was just making predictions of which veggie would roll the furthest and recording results. We did a bit of experimentation with the gradient of the ramp too. We also had tricky word activity sheets, Wicks PE Lesson, Quinn colours herself in…again...quarters with coins, J"oo" sounds, rock painting and giant dinosaur making 😴 Love rock painting and its been SO LONG since I could get stuck in with something alongside Max - I just let Quinn become that nasty green/brown colour she always as it seemed easier at the time.

Resources for today: Twinkle “Tricky words activity booklet: Making race tracks for speedy veggies (based on Supertato): You’re going to need potatoes, carrots, broccoli and peas for the veggie-roll race! Find a quarter: Jo Wicks exercise PE at home videos:

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