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Tuesday 28th April Week 5 Day 7: Pom-pom sorting and a Supertato sequel

Great day today as the "Supertato" characters activity ended up in making book. Also featured learning quarters, pom-pom sorting (we just used our paint pots and chunky tweezers from a Drs kit), "ear sound" worksheets and a music class. Our wonderful Music with Mummy teacher has started doing online Facebook Live videos so a tiny brush with normality there for Quinn. We ended the afternoon with homemade popcorn and a film!

I don't know what strength this would take with more than 2 children, kids in different key stages or the pressure of school work being assessed! Is it really only Tuesday?!

Resources for today:

“ear” words/sounds activity: Discovering correct and incorrect maths facts from the Evil Pea (based on Supertato): Making quarters: Pom pom sorting activity:

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