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Thursday 23rd April Week 5 Day 2: Underwater dream house

It has been 1 month today since Max left school 😔 For the last 2 weeks Max has been working on his submission to the Savills “Little Architects competition” and today we finally submitted his “underwater dream house”. From Max: "I made a model of my dream home. It is underwater and has a dome in a kelp forest and a roof that comes off for my submarine to come out of and land in. It has tubes between different rooms and a hydrothermal vent for heating. It is made from cardboard, a shoe box, a butter tub, a yogurt pot and 4 bits of curtain pole. I decorated it with pipe cleaners, pom poms and sequins." #renewableenergy #startthemyoung #reuse

Other highlights included Boogie Beebies, “oa sounds” worksheets, more work on equal groups (Max eats raisins in 2s and 5s), pom-poms and pasta posting, shaving foam animals, magnetic white boards, making mango lollies, making a rocket den, the old classic of Frog Muffins. Mummy contemplates whether she has ever been so exhausted in all her life… Todays resources and links to the competition if you fancy it: Savills little architect competition: “oa” sounds worksheet: Boogie Beebies – Hey Monkey White Rose Maths:


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