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Friday 24th April Week 5 Day 3: Climate change presentation/activity and oobleck

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Anyone else never worked so hard in their lives?

Due to my love of the climate and my small children, I've been asked to put together on climate change, global warming and/or energy use for 5-7 year olds: Spoiler alert, it has a fair bit of animation for the short “activity” so is best viewed Powerpoint. Let me know what you think!

Climate Change, Global Warming and Carbon Footprints
Download PPTX • 5.86MB

This afternoon featured non-newtonian fluids for the win, definitely the favourite of the week. Top tip, just remove all the clothes beforehand! Worksheets on "ew/eu/o-e" sounds and finding halves etc below. #chemistatheart Todays resources: Climate change presentation/activity: “Find a half” activity: “ew/oo/ue sound” worksheet:

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