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Getting Sh*t Done

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THai Airport returning home
insect hotel
Distressed bath caddy
Lava Board
Howell close after garden rennovations (2)
Fence replacement
batch cooking
Ombre Hills

I am Dr Sam; engineer, liberal, chemist, activist, adventurer, nerd, parent and manic depressive insomniac. I am famous for taking on too much, trying too hard and being an insufferable moaner.


I couldn’t make it through this modern adult life without some serious organisation and militant planning to keep all the plates spinning without killing anyone, and more than that I've always tried to build a life less ordinary. In the last 6 years I have had three children (the first while I completed my PhD in energy and carbon reduction), held down two PAYE employee roles while starting two successful self-employed ventures, sold my first home and bought a renovation money pit disaster house, backpacked through 17 countries, navigated home-schooling throughout the pandemic while working and I currently have three jobs, three charity positions, and a dog in Wokingham, Berkshire.


I’ve been asked by many friends, colleagues and family to share The Mudie Method - the top-tips and life hacks I employ to successfully Get Sh*t Done. This is the result. I don’t have all the answers but probably have some, and I sincerely hope it’s useful to you.

*This is a currently a large work in progress, motivated by the loss of my personal hard drive I am trying to retrospectively back up my digital life. Therefore there are quite a few stock images and unfinished (not started!) blogs which I will work my way through once I recover my photos.*

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